10 Hot Tub Safety Tips Your Family Should Know

Hot tubs add a fun, relaxing, and resort-like addition to your home. Just like a backyard pool, there are safety and health precautions homeowners should focus on before inviting family and friends to join the fun. It’s important for you to know that as a homeowner with a hot tub on your property, you are responsible for the safety of guests, invited or not. So, we’ve collected a list of helpful to-do tips, so everyone can have a great time while enjoying your hot tub.

Check Your Insurance Coverage: The very first thing you should be aware of is whether your homeowner’s insurance policy covers any injury or other accident that may occur when guests are in your hot tub. Contact your insurance company and ask. Add additional appropriate coverage immediately, if it isn’t covered.

Cover Your Hot Tub When Not in Use: A hot tub cover that is tightly secured with safety locks when not in use is very important. Covering & locking your hot tub cover will protect children, pets, and uninvited guests from falling into the hot tub. When ready to use the spa, place the cover in a secure location away from the hot tub to prevent tripping and other accidents. A cover lifter is a very nice addition and makes for easy cover movement. A cover also provides insulation for energy efficiency and protects your investment.

Add Safety Features: It is always a good idea to take additional safety precautions when designing your spa area. Add steps with slip-resistant surfaces and a handrail to hold onto, so it is easy and convenient to go up and down the steps without slipping. If children are in the mix, adding jump seats offer a place to sit comfortably and safely. Keep chemicals out of reach of children.

Consult Professionals: There are many electrical components in a hot tub and if not installed properly electrocution and other accidents could happen. Consult a licensed professional electrician to properly install your hot tub and other appliances like televisions and audio equipment that require electricity. They can also show you where your spa’s electrical panel is located and how to disconnect it in the event of an emergency.

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Maintain a Water Care Routine: Always follow the instruction manual of your hot tub or spa to keep the water at the perfect pH balance which is key to a proper and healthful spa environment. There are a variety of products and testing methods to practice regularly to keep water quality at its best. If the water is cloudy, do not enter the spa. The temperature of the water is also important to monitor for safety. The United States Product Safety Council recommends maintaining a water temperature of 104 degrees or lower. Always FEEL the water before jumping in.

Adjust Water Temperature for Children: If children are enjoying the hot tub, keep in mind they are more sensitive to heat, and you should lower the temperature to 100 degrees and limit their time to 15 minutes in the hot tub. Children should always be supervised when in the hot tub. Babies and toddlers who are extremely sensitive to heat and chemicals should stay out of a hot tub. Dogs should never go in a hot tub, as they cannot sweat and can become very sick.

Hang Safety Guideline Signage: Before anyone gets into the hot tub, review all the safety guidelines, so everyone understands how to enjoy the spa safely. Some experts recommend posting the rules on signage to remind everyone what is expected of them. 

Stay Out of Spa If: Those with health issues and conditions that may prevent some people from enjoying a hot tub safely. Pregnant women or those who have diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, or other circulatory problems should always consult a physician or medical practitioner before using a hot tub. Those who have skin conditions like wounds, sores or infections, or have had recent surgeries should not get into a hot tub in order to prevent spreading a contagious condition to others. Those who are intoxicated should not use a hot tub.

Shower Before Entering: Everyone should be clean before entering the hot tub. No street clothes should be allowed in the hot tub to prevent dirt and bacteria from getting into the spa. Guests should wear clean bathing suits. 

Helpful Family Fun Tips:  Hot tubs offer a fun and relaxing environment. Schedule fun and entertaining activities that can be enjoyed together including floatable board games, an outdoor movie night, book club, or other memorable activity.

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