Nowadays, more and more people throughout Colorado prefer having hot tubs in their gardens because of the many benefits. Some of these benefits include stress and tension relief, reducing blood sugar levels, reducing the pain associated with arthritis, and more. At Ajax Pool & Spa Inc., we ensure that Basalt residents get the outstanding hot tub at incredibly low prices. Contact us today!

Pool & Hot Tub Dealer in Basalt, CO

When purchasing a tub in Basalt, Colorado, there are a few factors you need to put into consideration. Your budget might need to come first, followed by your most preferred features, and then where you would want the hot tab installed. We have a wide range of tubs that meet the needs of almost every homeowner in Basalt.


Since the Jacuzzi brothers developed the underwater pump in the mid-20th century, things have never been the same, especially for people who want to increase their flexibility and reduce joint pain. Jacuzzis were probably the first brand that became popular because of its unique features.

American Whirlpool

Candido Jacuzzi came up with a tab with an in-built jet whirlpool for his son, who was suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. That is why most Basalt residents with this condition and those looking to have some fun and relaxing come to us for some of the best American Whirlpools.

Common Sizes

Besides price and features, you will have to consider the size of the tub you want to purchase. How many people would you want to see in the tub together? That will determine if you will buy a small, medium, or larger tub.

Common Features & Accessories

If you are looking to give your Jacuzzi or hot tub with a personalized style, check out our store for some accessories. At Ajax Pool & Spa Inc., we let you give your tub a fresh and customized look with our Smartop Spa Cover and spa surrounding.

Hot Tub Service & Repairs

When buying a hot tub, it is crucial to put maintenance and repair into consideration. How much are you willing to spend each month for high-quality maintenance of your hot tub? Besides selling outstanding products, we also repair, maintain, and install hot tubs for Basalt residents. 

Jacuzzi® & Hot Tub Maintenance

Most people think that it is relatively easy to maintain a hot tube. However, Jacuzzi and hot tub maintenance require expert skills from trained professionals. Whether it is a major problem or something minor, get in touch with us for professional maintenance services.

Heater Failure

There are many reasons why hot tub heaters fail. Among the most common causes is the inability of hot tub water to reach the heater. Heater failure can also occur when there is little or no water in the heater housing. 

Clogged Filter

Filters are like the kidney of your hot tub because they get rid of particles and impurities. They ensure your hot tub is working properly regardless of the grim and debris collected. Regular cleaning or even replacing the filter is crucial in ensuring your hot tub does not deteriorate quickly.

Jets Not Working

When a hot tub jet is not working, there are high chances your pump has started failing. You must hire an expert to diagnose and fix the problem.

Noisy Pump

Some of the causes of a noisy pump include years or months of use without maintenance, mineral build-up, or incorrect chemical balance. If the pump is producing high-pitched sounds, there are high chances it may be caused by corrosion.

GFCI Breaker Trips

GFI problems mostly occur when your hot tub’s heating elements are damaged or corroded. The GFCI breaker will trip if a live wire gets into contact with a ground wire.

Hot Tub Heaters

Ajax Pool & Spa Inc. lets you an ideal hot tub heater at the most affordable price. Well, if your hot tub heaters fail, your hot tub will become a small swimming pool.

Points of Interest & Activities

There are a lot of things you can do at Basalt, CO, whether you are alone or with your entire family. Here are some of them:

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Aspen Shooting

You do not need any shooting experience to have some fun at this place. It is a great place to introduce yourself to the shooting sport. Other than shooting, you can also go biking, rafting, hiking, and finishing. 

Gone Fishing Colorado

If you are looking to fly fish while learning from the best, gone fishing Colorado offers precisely that. You will have a guide to instruct and help you improve your fishing skills while you enjoy a float trip at the Roaring Fork River.

Ruedi Reservoir

This Reservoir is found about 15 miles from Frying Pan road. It is a mountain lake that allows visitors to enjoy water skiing, boating, and other sports. You will get some fish types at this place, including Kokanee Salmon, rainbow, lake trout, and Mackinaw.

Taylor Creek Fly Fishing Shop

Are you looking for a place that meets your expectation when it comes to fly fishing? Taylor Creek is among the best Fly-Fishing Shops you can find in Colorado.

Frying Pan Anglers

With Frying Pan Anglers, you can be sure your fishing experience in Colorado, Frying Pan, or Roaring Fork River will be unique. You will also have a guide to help you.

Woody Creek Distillery

If you enjoy locally manufactured vodka, Woody Creek Distillery should be your go-to destination.

Need a Hot Tub?

Is it worth purchasing a hot tub? Well, if you are looking to enjoy the benefits that come with owning a hot tub, you need one. At Ajax Pool & Spa Inc., we sell high-quality hot tubs at discounted prices.

Basalt Hot Tub & Jacuzzi® FAQs

We respond to a wide variety of questions about our products and services, including hot tub installation, repair, and maintenance. Some common questions we receive include:

How Much are Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs in Basalt, Colorado?

Depending on the size and features of the price of a Jacuzzi starts at around $3,000.

How Much are American Whirlpool Hot Tubs in Basalt, Colorado?

The price range for an American Whirlpool hot hub ranges from $3,500 to $6,500. 

How Much is Hot Tub Maintenance in Basalt, Colorado?

Get quality maintenance services and pay $30/month.

How Much Do Hot Tub Repairs Cost in Basalt, Colorado?

Like other industries, the cost of repair is influenced by factors such as the amount of input required.