How to Drain a Hot Tub


Knowing how to drain a hot tub fast is not nearly as important as knowing how to drain a hot tub properly. While draining the water is important for keeping the water clean, it is also crucial when it comes to preventing damages. By taking the time to drain the water and change it, an Aspen homeowner can avoid a number of long-term issues.

Corrosion is common when hot tubs are not drained on a consistent basis. The balance will be lost and no one wants to soak in dirty water that has not been taken care of properly. To learn about how to drain a hot tub, be sure to check out the following tips and pointers:

When To Drain Your Hot Tub

A hot tub has amazing self-cleaning properties but that does not mean that the owner will not need to change the water from time to time. The frequency at which the tub should be drained depends on the type of system that is being used. Traditional systems that rely on bromine or chlorine will need to have their water changed every three to four months.

Meanwhile, those who have a saltwater system can get away with less frequent hot tub draining. These systems can be drained on a yearly basis. To remain free of contamination, the Aspen homeowner must remain cognizant of the requirements for their specific system.

Draining Your Hot Tub

The process is simple, especially for those who have thought to place their hot tub adjacent to the drain where it was installed. Once the homeowner has decided to get started, there are a few steps that need to be taken, as it is time to gather the necessary equipment. A submersible pump is the best bet for any tub owner that does not want to go through the hassle of finding a garden hose long enough to reach the hot tub from the drain.

A spa shell cleaner and some clean rags are also required. It will take roughly an hour to drain the hot tub if the owner is using a drainage spigot. Those who want to drain a hot tub fast will want to obtain a submersible pump, which allows the tub to drain within ten minutes.

Does The Water Absolutely Have To Be Drained?

In a word, yes. Summer maintenance is absolutely essential to the long-term sustainability of the tub. Experts will recommend that the spa water be changed every three to four months. As chemicals are added to the water, they are going to start to dissolve more and more slowly. When this happens, the water becomes overly saturated, and the hot tub is not nearly as clean as it once was.

The chemistry of the water becomes imbalanced, and the hot tub can even begin to develop a scent. Since the hot tub is smaller than a pool, the more deodorant, lotion, sweat, and oil that gets left behind. None of this is going to be diluted very well, which causes the water to become cloudy and foamy. Added solids are also left behind as the water continues to evaporate, causing more long-term issues.

If the water is not drained during the summer months on a regular basis, the hot tub is not going to be clean or safe. Aspen homeowners must take the time to remove old and dirty water before it has the chance to start corroding the tub itself.

When Is It Time For a Change?

The water needs to be tested on a regular basis so that the proper balance can be maintained. Once the water has become consistently gritty or funky, this is a sure sign that it is time for a change. The frequency at which the spa is used also plays a key role. Divide the total number of gallons in the tub by three. From there, divide this number by the number of daily users. The answer to this formula tells homeowners how often to change the water, taking all of the guesswork out of the equation.

Aspen homeowners who have any further questions about the cleanliness of their hot tub and how regular draining can enhance their enjoyment are more than welcome to contact the good folks at Ajax Pool and Spa. These trained professionals are always on hand, ready to answer any questions or address any concerns that a tub owner may have!