How to Fix a Pool Leak?

fix a pool leak

As a pool owner, discovering a leak can be frustrating, especially when it’s unclear how to fix it. When left untreated, pool leaks can lead to considerable water loss, pool equipment damage, and even foundation erosion. That’s why it’s essential to get to the root of the problem and fix it promptly. In this blog post, we’ll explore how to identify the cause of a pool leak and how to fix it safely and efficiently.

Signs of a Pool Leak

Before we dive into the repair process, it’s essential to recognize signs of a potential leak. Several telltale signs can indicate that you have a pool leak, including:

– A sudden decrease in water level

– Your water bill is unusually high

– Standing water around your pool

– Cracks in your pool’s foundation

– Wet soil and water puddles around your pool

Once you’ve identified any of these symptoms, it’s critical to locate and address the source of the problem to prevent damage from worsening.

Locate the Leak

The first step in fixing a pool leak is locating it. Often with a pool leak, water loss might not tell you the exact pinpointed location of the leak. Therefore, you have to carry out a process of elimination. The area around and near the pool is typically the location of the leak. The most common areas include ladders, plumbing, light fixtures, pool equipment, and the pool surface itself. Periodic examiners can help in quickly identifying and fixing any leaks.

Pool Leak Detection

One way to identify the exact location of the leak is to complete a pool leak detection test. It’s best to leave this to professional pool technicians as it goes beyond just placing food coloring in the water. A full diagnostic test will identify if a leak is in your pool tile, pool skimmer, shell, or other areas. Once identified, it is best to fix the problem immediately.

Repair Options

Knowing the cause of your pool leak allows you to decide how to repair it. Here are some of the most common pool leak repair options available today:

Plumbing Issues: Poorly designed or installed plumbing can cause water leaks, and in some cases, the only solution is to replace the plumbing altogether. However, this is not an easy fix. It is better to work with professional pool repair technicians like Ajax Pool & Spa to ensure your plumbing maintenance is done correctly to prevent this problem.

Pool Shell Cracks: A specialized repair process is required if the leak is due to a crack or a hole in your pool shell. A popular process to fix this is called Marcite, a layer of troweled-on cement that acts as a waterproofing agent.

Pool Liner Tear: Tear in a vinyl liner usually requires a replacement patch on the clean surface area near the rip.

Pool Pump Seal: A pool pump seal leak can occur due to faulty seal installation or the O-ring becoming worn. Replacing this seal is typically inexpensive if it’s done at the same time as regular maintenance.

Sealant: YouTube videos and DIY instructions suggest using a sealant for your pool leak. Sealing small cracks with sealant can work but often masks a bigger problem. Sealing more significant issues with sealant is only a temporary solution, rendering it a non-long-lasting repair option.

Reach Out to the Pool Experts

If you’ve detected a pool leak and are unsure what to do next, Ajax Pool & Spa is always here to help. Our team of pool repair experts is available to help diagnose and fix any pool leaks you may encounter. We provide high-quality pool repair services, ensuring that your pool remains pristine and functional for years to come. Don’t let a leak ruin your summer. Call Ajax Pool & Spa today!