Jacuzzi Hot Tub Won’t Heat Up? Try These Quick Fixes

How Is a Jacuzzi Supposed to Heat Up?

The Jacuzzi is heated with a heater. However, how effective it’s going to be is dependent on some factors. A lot of heat will escape from the top of your hot tub so a quality thermal cover can make it more effective. The spa should be insulated with reflective or foam materials or the heat is going to be floating off in the garden. The spa doesn’t need to have an air blower since there is no value to this. As the air travels from the bottom of the spa to the top, it will absorb the temperature and take it out into the air. A hot tub is designed to be kept warm 24/7 but this will depend on how often you want to use it.

How Long Do Jacuzzis Take to Heat Up?

A Jacuzzi will usually warm up between three and six degrees per hour. How quickly yours will warm-up will depend on some different factors. These factors include the ambient temperature outside, whether the cover was on or off, and the condition of the spa components. The warmer the outside temp, the less time it’s going to take to warm the water. Having the cover in place will also allow you to heat it more efficiently. The condition of your cover, heater, and pump are going to play a role. If your components are in the right shape then it can warm up much faster. If your components are wearing out or damaged then it’s going to take longer.

7 Things to Check if Your Hot Tub Won’t Heat Up

If your hot tub won’t warm up, check these things first.

1. Thermostat: For new spas and hot tubs, a temperature sensor replaces the thermostat but you could have a faulty thermostat that is causing issues. It may not respond to input or be water damaged.

2. Circulation Problems: If the heat keeps turning off or the water is heating up slowly then it could be a flow problem. Not enough water is passing through the heater. In order to fix this, you need to check the water level, clean out the filter, check the flow and pressure switch, and make sure the pump is working.

3. Heating Element Fault: If there is power to the heater but it’s still not heating up then there is a fault with the heating element. It’s best to get an electrician to check this out.

4. Control Board Fault: The control board is necessary for running everything in the spa, including heaters and pumps. If you have tried other things and it’s still not working then it’s possible that it could be the control board. While it’s usually a simple fix, it can be an expensive part to repair.
5. Poorly Installed Cover: A lot of heat will be lost through the surface so an insulated cover can help keep it hot.

6. Having an Air Blower: An air blower draws in cold air, which cools down the tub. If you use it for a few minutes then it shouldn’t be an issue but it will make the water feel cooler, even if there isn’t anything wrong with yours.

7. Faulty High Limit Switch: The high limit switch is to prevent a heater from not shutting off and overheating. The switches are calibrated with a preset maximum. Errors will normally display an OH or HL code if there is an issue. In an older spa, the red button will pop out if the limit has been reached. Damaged wires, loose wire connections, or malfunctioning elements can cause the switch to not work.

7 Things to Check if Your Hot Tub Won’t Heat Up

Do the Jets Need to Be Turned on or Does That Matter?

Your Jacuzzi will warm faster with the jets on. Jets not only have the benefit of allowing you to receive a gentle massage and relax in comfort but they also allow you to heat your hot tub quicker. When you turn on the spa jets, they circulate and move around and disperse the heat evenly. When you don’t use the jets then there can be pockets of cold water that are hanging out in the pipes inside the tub. Circulation from the jets mixes these pockets and the cold and hot water mix. You should avoid turning on the jets until the tub is full. You don’t want to run the water through the jets until they are all submerged or you will damage the system. If you don’t have jets, it’s possible to circulate the water using a pool noodle or your hands but it’s not as effective.
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