Tips to Maintaining a Hot Tub in the Summer


The importance of maintaining a hot tub in the summer cannot be understated. Without proper maintenance, the system will not have the lifespan it deserves. The same goes for the system’s level of energy efficiency. Weekly, daily, and sporadic maintenance are required as well. While everyone enjoys the relaxation and comfort that a hot tub has to offer, this peace of mind is destroyed when the hot tub is not running in the manner that’s expected.

Fortunately, an owner can avoid these types of problems if they are willing to keep up with their maintenance on a regular basis. With the necessary care, the system will always run in the manner that it needs to. Aspen homeowners would do well to read on and learn more about the following tips and tricks on how to care for a hot tub in the summer as well:

Tennis, Anyone?

Anyone who has ever seen tennis balls in and around a hot tub has probably wondered why they are there. As it turns out, they can play a key role in the long and short-term maintenance of the hot tub. Place some in the skimmer or the water itself for best results. The tennis balls soak up the lotions and oils that have made their way to the water’s surface. Even if the hot tub is getting heavier usage, the water will still remain fresh. Tennis balls should be a part of any regular maintenance routine.

Drain The Water Regularly

As a rule of thumb, the water in the hot tub needs to be drained on a consistent basis. The experts will recommend doing so every couple of months. At a bare minimum, the tub should be drained every four months. Once the water has been drained, it is time for the homeowner to thoroughly inspect their hot tub and clean it. In these instances, an all-purpose cleaner works best.

Maintaining The Chemical Balance

Once the cleaning and inspection have been taken care of, it is time to check the chemical balance. Test strips can be used to check the water’s level. In a best-case scenario, the alkaline and acid levels should be even. If they are not? This means that it is time to fix it. Add the necessary chemicals on a regular basis, so that these types of issues do not have the chance to fester. The level of frequency will depend on the frequency at which the hot tub is being used.

Quality Water Circulation

In some instances, the Aspen homeowner may own a model that circulates the water for them. If not, this is a task that will need to take place on a consistent basis. If the water does not get a chance to pass through the hot tub’s cartridge filters, this can spell problems down the road. A model that does not automatically circulate the water will need to be turned on for about 15 to 20 minutes per day to ensure that the water is given the chance to pass through the filters. Some hot tub owners may even decide that the process needs to take place twice a day.

Proactive Inspections

When it comes time to inspect a hot tub, no sane homeowner should be waiting until a problem has a chance to take place. It is always better to be proactive instead of reactive in these instances. When cracks, leaks, and various damages occur, it can be hard to spot them before it is too late. By catching these problems early, they can be addressed and fixed in a timely manner.

The filters in the hot tub also need to be examined consistently. When the filters are allowed to get dirty, the hot tub is never going to function as efficiently as it should. Any hot tub owner that sits back and waits for problems to pop up is going to spend far more to fix them on the back end.

When maintenance services are required, it is time to contact the professionals. Ajax Pool and Spa is here to help all of our clients with their hot tub-related needs, including access to the necessary chemicals and supplies. That’s why any Aspen homeowner who is looking to address these types of potential problems is urged to contact Ajax Pool and Spa as soon as possible.