Old Hot Tub Removal


A hot tub’s lifespan can be rather long. Many of the components, such as the shell, have a long lifespan. They were designed to last a lifetime, which can be an issue if your old hot tub has recently died despite routine maintenance and repairs. When the time to remove your old hot tub comes, you’ll need some technical know-how or hire professional hot tub removers.

The location of the spa is the essential aspect of old hot tub removal. Is the spa located in your backyard? Does this imply you’ll have to demolish your fence or, even worse, hire a crane to move it? These are some of the things that will determine the removal process.

How to Cut Up a Hot Tub?

Cutting up a hot tub will necessitate the use of the following tools:

  • Jigsaw or reciprocating saw (also called Sawzall)
  • Wear protective gear, such as safety glasses, overall, and gloves.
  • Hammer and screwdriver (for hot tubs with nails and screws)

That’s all you’ll need to dismantle a hot tub! Now let’s delve into how exactly to do it.

Step-by-Step Guide to Old Hot Tub Removal

  1. Disconnect the electric wires, turn off the gas, and turn off the water supply.
  2. To ensure your safety, be sure that all electrical connections have been disconnected. The frame of the hot tub is left behind after cutting off the electric wiring.
  3. Take off all the screws and nails that hold their structure together.
  4. As previously said, you’ll need a screwdriver and hammer for this. The hot tub will be totally disassembled from its components.
  5. Start cutting it with a jigsaw or reciprocating saw after the frame is only left.
  6. Make sure you cut the hot tub into small pieces as you’re cutting it.
  7. Small hot tub components are simple to transport and dispose of.
  8. Ensure you’re wearing protective gear because debris can go into your nose and eyes, which can be dangerous.
  9. After you’ve finished cutting the hot tub, pick up the pieces and trash them.

Alternative Options for Hot Tub Removal

Of course, the old tub will not fit in your trash can. How do you dispose of it? Read on to understand how to get rid of a hot tub effectively.

Junk It

Many professional hot tub removers will come to your property, pack up your old hot tub, and take it away with no questions asked. Anything of value is recycled or salvaged by the most ecologically aware haulers. Others rush to the landfill to discard it as trash. You don’t break a sweat either way.

Trade It

Some dealers offer a trade-in option where you purchase a new hot tub and pay less. It’s possible that the value of your old hot tub can be utilized toward the purchase of a new one. Discuss the idea with your dealer, and you may land yourself a good offer.

Sell It

Even if you don’t want your hot tub, it doesn’t mean it’s useless, and no one wants it. However, giving it away for free could be a mistake because consumers generally interpret “free” to mean “requires costly repairs” or broken—even if you market it as completely functional. It’s best to put a price range, even as little as $100, so that a new buyer feels like they did get value for their money.

Strip It Down and Recycle

The hot-tub recycling process is easy if you do it part by part. Remove the spa pack, spa-side controls, and all other functional equipment first because these are reusable components you can sell—you can even sell them for a higher price. After you’ve removed all the electronics components, you may separate the cabinet from the shell. Cabinets made of wood and plastic are recyclable. Remember also to cut out all PVC fittings, valves, and pipes that can be recycled. Finally, a reciprocating saw with a 9″ blade can be used to cut the spa shell into smaller pieces.

Turn It Into a Garden

Set the spa in the ground and fill it with dirt after stripping it down and removing plumbing fittings to create a vibrant box garden! You can cultivate your own summer and fall garden in a sunny area in the yard that is close to the water and not too far away. A large number of vegetables may be stored in an 8-person spa!

Repairing an old hot tub can sometimes be less costly than disposing of the old and purchasing a new one. If you feel like there is any potential for repair, we recommend contacting our experts at (970)279-5253 or email us to determine whether your old hot tub is salvageable.