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It can be intimidating to buy a new (or first-time) hot tub for your home. There are many factors that go into this process and it’s a big investment for you and your loved ones.

You’ll want to research several aspects before you buy. Make sure that the description includes the important components such as the spa shell, insulation, and filtration system as you’ll want to know details about these parts.

In addition, you’ll want to review the UL listing. When you see its UL listing you know that it has met crucial standards for safety.

Find out how much it will cost to operate your hot tub. Research the components to make sure they’re up to standards and that they’re going to be energy efficient as well as cost effective.

Be sure that you’re prepared for how much maintenance must go into taking care of your hot tub. Since there is an expense involved, take that into consideration when you budget how much this will cost.

Look into the company that is offering the warranty as well as how long the warranty is. You may not want to risk making the purchase if you know it doesn’t have a good reputation or no real reputation at all for providing warranties. When it comes to American Whirlpool, you’ll be pleased to know that the steel structure has a lifetime warranty. Throughout the tub’s lifetime, you don’t have to worry when a part becomes damaged during normal operation of your spa since it will be fixed or replaced to meet factory specifications.

It’s important to note that you should make sure the tub is installed so that a technician can access all four sides of it in the event repairs or replacement are necessary. Also, you should make sure that the surface of it is level or the warranty may be considered void since this can damage the spa.

Locate a Dealer
Once you know what type of hot tub you’d like, now it’s time to find a dealer in your area. For hot tubs in the Basalt Colorado area and beyond, look no further than Ajax Pool and Spa. The company sells a variety of brands at different price points to suit your needs.

A quality sales representative will be able to answer any questions and relieve concerns you have about the decision making and buying process. They’ll help you narrow down choices based on your preferences and budget.

American Whirlpool at Ajax Pool and Spa

There’s a great deal to love about the American Whirlpool brand. This brand was created by MAAX Spas Corporation and is considered to be a combination of the best aspects of Elite Spas USA, the MAAX Collection, California Cooperage, and LA Spas. They’re said to be top innovators when it comes to clean water technology and hydrotherapy with the First Filter filtration system.

Here are just a few of the amenities that come along with these home spas:

  • Performance Seating for comfort through proper posture and full body immersion that is aligned with a superior jet performance.
  • The seat has been designed to contour to the curvature of the spine for less stress on your back.
  • Enjoy using Comfort Collars that are built into the tub which cradle your head and also contain side bolsters to support your body. With the X-series option there’s a larger seat in the deep corner to allow for freedom of movement. It also includes four cluster jets that are strategically placed for deep tissue neck massage.
  • An Ergonomic Massage Controller that is illuminated and works with the other lighting options that allows you to adjust jet pressure.
  • The Foot Relief Zone targets both your lower and upper parts of your to give a whole massage, perfect for tired and sore feet.
  • The SmartTouch 2 control panel has colorful large buttons as well as animations to allow you to see them easier and control your hot tub. It’s waterproof and can be used along with Powerworks and fully electronic pumps to make this a truly advanced hot tub.
  • TheraMAAX Jets include a grill designed by scientists to make for a better jet stream and reduce drag on any moving parts. This means that you’ll have greater massage action and performance in general.

For high quality hot tubs and more, reach out to Ajax Pool and Spa to see how we can assist you. Fill out the website form to get a free quote.

American Whirlpool

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