Capri Tabletop Firepit


Cápri, a tabletop firepit designed by California Outdoor Concepts, will have you dreaming of a blue Italian sky, fading into sunset. Cápri, will transform your backyard table into an evening of intimate conversation and relaxation. Made of cast resin, Cápri is light weight and portable, making it a great centerpiece to add as the sun goes down and the umbrella gets put away.

The flower shaped bowl is filled with “Arctic Flame” Gold Reflective glass. The secret of Cápri is a fuel source hidden from view securely under the table. The incandescent glow of Cápri, provides a warm and friendly environment for your guests. Beautiful and elegant, nothing obstructs your tablescape, dinner parties are effortless!

The choice isn’t yes or no, it’s which color: Black or Brown?