What is Required to Install a Hot Tub?


You might be surprised to find out that it’s not that hard to get a hot tub installed. While you need to have a hot tub installed by a professional — it requires a foundation and electrical work — it’s likely that you have everything you structurally need to get started.

Let’s take a look at what’s required to install a hot tub, after you’ve found the hot tub of your dreams. While most of this will be handled by the hot tub company, it’s still good to keep it all in mind.

The right location

Make sure you have enough space to accommodate the hot tub, as well as any additional features or accessories. If the ground isn’t leveled, you will have to level that ground before you pour a foundation. People frequently place hot tubs on patios and in other established outdoor spaces.

A concrete pad

This will provide a level, stable surface for your hot tub. Once the concrete pad has cured, you can assemble the hot tub’s frame and foundation. The concrete pad will support the weight of the hot tub and provide a stable surface. Generally, it will be positioned over a concrete base after the area has been excavated.

Pour the concrete pad at least 3 to 4 inches thick. The pad should be level, so use a laser level to ensure it’s perfectly flat. If you don’t have a laser level, you can use a long level or a string line stretched across the pad’s surface.

If you live in an area with a high water table, consider pouring a thicker pad (6 to 8 inches) to prevent the tub from shifting as the ground beneath it settles.

An electrical hookup

Your hot tub will need to be connected to a 220-volt circuit by a licensed electrician. It’s not wise to attempt this yourself. Hot tubs heat and move a large volume of water; without a special hookup, they can’t generate the power necessary to function.

Today, some people are installing solar generators to keep their hot tubs warm, but this can be a costly solution — the solar generator has to come with a battery (not a lot of sun at night).

A regular garden hose

Spas are filled with a regular garden hose. When the water needs to be replaced, a portable pump may be used to change the water every four to six months.

Your next steps

Are you interested installing a hot tub? The first step is to find the right hot tub for you. There are a lot of hot tubs out there and they may have different installation needs, such as a larger concrete pad or lower-powered energy hookup.

And there’s a lot more to it than installation. You may find that you want a specific type of hot tub, such as one for large groups of people, or one that has massaging functions. You could want to treat your hot tub with salt or need a hot tub that’s particularly impervious to cold weather.

Installing a hot tub is work, but it’s also a great investment. A lot of people find that a hot tub is both relaxing and therapeutic and it improves their property values. Find out what it will take to install a hot tub in your house by contacting Ajax Pool & Spa today.