What is the Difference Between a Hot Tub & Jacuzzi?


Most people do use the words hot tub and Jacuzzi interchangeably. Have you ever thought of any differences between a hot tub and a Jacuzzi? Well, the thing is, all Jacuzzis are hot tubs, but not all hot tubs are Jacuzzis. Most people do confuse the two, but there exist some minor but significant differences. Let’s define the two terms so you can have an idea of what exactly a hot tub or a Jacuzzi is.

What is a Hot Tub?

In a layman’s language, a hot tub is a pool filled with hot water where bathers soak and interact for recreation or pleasure. It is a generic term that refers to any hot tub, even if it does not have any extra features such as bubblers or jets.

What is a Jacuzzi?

Jacuzzi is a trademarked type of hot tubs and pool equipment. Jacuzzi is the name of a company that manufactures hot tubs. It is often used as a synonym for a hot tub which is incorrect.

The Five Differences Between a Hot Tub and a Jacuzzi

Below are the notable differences between a hot tub and a Jacuzzi.


Hot tubs can be traced to the earliest times when people traveled to natural hot springs for recreation purposes. The hot tub technology can be traced back as an idea. The hot tubs have evolved over the years and adopted the latest technologies. On the contrary, Jacuzzis originated in the mid-20th century when the Jacuzzi brothers developed them.

The Jacuzzi was initially meant to help relieve the pain of arthritis patients. Brother Candido Jacuzzi invented the Jacuzzi to help his young son, who was suffering from rheumatoid arthritis and left crippled at the age of 15. The therapy helped the young boy in reducing the pain caused by the illness.


Jacuzzi users experience a high level of satisfaction as it is of superior quality to a hot tub. It is like investing in an Apple MacBook at the expense of a Lenovo one for the best service quality. A Jacuzzi is absolutely a classic luxury.

Available Brands

Hot tubs have many brands that make it challenging during the selection process. It is cumbersome and time-consuming to get the best hot tub from the many brands flooding the market. Hot Springs, Master Spas and ThermoSpas, and Catalina Spas are some top hot tub brands.

From the brand names, it is noticeable that most brands have suffix spas attached to them. The frequent use of the word spas is partly because hot tubs are also known as spas in most places in North America.  However, Jacuzzi is a top brand name that one can easily spot in the market. Shopping for a Jacuzzi can be done quickly and save time.


Some hot tubs have some features that Jacuzzis miss, such as audio systems and smart televisions. However, the Jacuzzis and hot tubs share the most cushioned headrests, LED lighting, and massaging jets.


Jacuzzi’s product quality, company experience, and market position make them relatively expensive compared to other hot tubs. Most hot tub users worldwide will choose Jacuzzi over other hot tubs as they know the value attached to the company.

What to Consider While Shopping for a Hot Tub or Jacuzzi

You need to know the features that will help you choose a high-quality hot tub or Jacuzzi.

  • Size: Take into consideration the number of people using the hot tub regularly.
  • Insulation: Buy a Jacuzzi or hot tub that is made with the best insulation materials that conserve more heat. As such, you will be able to minimize your electricity bill.
  • Warranty: the product should have an excellent warrant that guarantees service and support to your hot tub or Jacuzzi.
  • Water jets: the type of the water jet and their flow rate should be considered as it affects the pressure of the water, consequently impacting the quality of the water therapy.
  • Maintenance: you need to choose a hot tub that will give you an easy time installing, maintaining, and repairing it.

Choose a hot tub that will give you a lot of comfort with the least effort. The tub or Jacuzzi should also fit your lifestyle and budget.

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