What is the Healthiest Pool System?

Pool System

Any Aspen homeowner who is not asking themselves “what is the healthiest pool system?” is selling themselves short. Choosing the proper pool system is one of the most crucial choices that a homeowner is ever going to make. Since you will certainly want to get it right on the first go round, this guide will serve as a crucial helping hand.

It is best to take a proactive approach when it comes time to research the best options. Do not wait until after the pool has been constructed. There is a wide range of selection in this regard so be sure to analyze your needs and don’t make the mistake of settling for less. Let’s take a closer look at the most common choices…

Ultraviolet Pool Systems

Pool experts believe that ultraviolet pool systems are the best choice that can be made. These systems are often chosen by those who are looking to reduce the amount of chemicals that are being used. When the ultraviolet pool system is utilized, the use of chlorine is minimized significantly.

This is a major plus for many homeowners who do not appreciate the smell or feel of chlorine. More traditional systems require the usage of chlorine and in many cases, it is overdone. The downsides are numerous, especially when it comes to the irritation that is experienced. The eyes and skin do not always respond well to such chemicals.

Chlorine can cause more severe issues over the long haul as well. For example, it has been linked to severe respiratory and heart diseases. That’s why a pool should be maintained without chlorine, if at all possible. Stains and algae are no problem with the ultraviolet pool system. This makes the healthiest choice.

Mineral Swim

The best part of the Mineral Swim system is that the Aspen homeowner does not have to make any major changes to their existing setup. In fact, these systems can be added to any existing pool system. Saltwater, chlorine, or magnesium, it does not matter. The ozone to oxygen water purification process is a sight to behold.

If you are still using chlorine-based products in your pool, these systems ensure that none of the byproducts are able to cause any short or long-term issues. Believe it or not, these systems are considered to be up to 3,000 times stronger than the average purification option. The toxic chemicals, germs, and chlorine scents that you are used to dealing with fall by the wayside.

The minerals that are used in these systems are 100 percent natural and have been sourced directly from Israel’s Dead Sea. The water clarity that it has to offer is exceptional and it is a great choice for those who suffer from various skin conditions, such as psoriasis and eczema.

Saltwater Pool Systems

As these systems are currently on the rise, there are more and more Aspen homeowners asking why. Unlike the typical chlorine systems, the saltwater system does not generate nearly as much of the chemical. Instead of the usual chlorine exposure, electrolysis allows the salt to be broken down into chlorine and sodium.

Manual maintenance is required for these systems, though, much like a chlorine-based system. The chlorine may not be as overpowering, but it is still going to be used to maintain the water. Saltwater systems do come with certain downsides that cannot be ignored, though.

For starters, these systems are harsher to the surface of your pool. Stone surfaces get worn down more quickly and so do pool filters. While the systems can work out just fine in the short term, they are more likely to have long-term problems. Before making the decision to install one, think long and hard. Consult with the experts as well.

If you would like to learn more about the ins and outs of every available pool system, be sure to contact the trained professionals at Ajax Pool and Spa. They are able to align their clients with the pool system that works best for them, without any of the usual hassles. Pick up the phone and give them a call as soon as possible. Their team of experts is on hand and ready to help!