An Easy Guide to Hot Tub Installation


A hot tub allows you to unwind after a long day’s work, soothes your body and mind, and offers excellent health benefits. In addition, the hot water and jets improve joint flexibility, relieve pains and aches, ease stress, reduce anxiety and help you sleep better. Having a hot tub installed provides an excellent investment for your home. This is because more than one person can use them for several years.

If you decide to invest in a hot tub in your home, you need time to plan the details. Hot tub installations should be done in an accessible location around your home and in an appropriate way, particularly if electrical and building codes need to be met.

Additionally, installing a hot tub can quickly go south if you do not understand the required procedures. Therefore, bringing in a custom hot tub and spa installation services provider on board who actually knows how to install a hot tub ensures a smooth installation process.

Below is a simple guide on installing a hot tub and ensuring the process goes smoothly from the first to the last step, courtesy of Ajax Pool & Spa, Inc.

Do Your Homework

The first step in setting up a hot tub in your home is picking the best model fit for you and your family. Take some time and measure a few designs you have in mind, find the perfect space you must play with, and ensure you make the most out of the chosen area.

Once you have the correct measurements and size for your hot tub, look for the best buys and the perfect model. Ensure to pay attention to the following:

  • Finding an approved hot tub installer and supplier that provides full delivery and installation services
  • Hot tub installation cost. Ensure you are not overpaying for whistles and bells you do not need.
  • Have a shortlist of items to check on your home spa during wet testing.

Choose the Perfect Location

Selecting an ideal location is the best method to get the most out of the eyed hot tub. The best site will tick all the boxes. You need to study your home yard and envision the ideal space for your hot tub. Consider traffic flow, neighbors, or anything that might interfere with new sanctuary investment.

Do you want your spa to be at the focal point, or do you prefer a quiet home yard corner? Are you thinking of one that catches the afternoon sun or that with a shady spot? Keep in mind all the crucial considerations and avoid a location too far from the entry point of the yard.

Think about moving the tub from the delivery truck to the selected location with minimal workforce and tools. Other practical sites essential to consider include:

  • A flat, firm, and level ground surface
  • Easy access from the house
  • The space should be at least 10 feet from any overhead power lines
  • Proximity to a water source and GCFI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) dedicated electrical circuit.
  • A space that doesn’t collect falling tree leaves or excess rainwater.

A Solid Foundation

The surface where your tub sits needs to be solid enough to support its weight full of water and people. Gravel, concrete, paving stones, or prefabricated pads offer a strong foundation.

Additionally, the weight of a standard hot tub is known once you establish the weight of your tub and divide it by the square footage measurements, which determines the framing requirements for the load. Generally, the design load requirement is about 105-115 pounds per square foot.

For a substantial and long-term foundation, use concrete slabs. It would be best if you reinforced your concrete to a minimum thickness of four inches. Wait to install your hot tub until the concrete is fully cured.

If you plan to install your tub on a raised deck, the coding requirements dictate that you consult a professional for a structurally engineered design.

Upgrade Your Electrical System

Your hot tub needs to be fitted with a permanent electrical supply. Significantly, you must ensure that the electrical system is safely hooked up and meets the unit’s power standards.

Unless you have experience in electrical codes, hire an electrician to help you power your tub. You will also need to install a GFCI circuit breaker with voltage and amperage requirements depending on the specifications of your hot tub. A licensed electrician always does GCFI installation.

Positioning Your Hot Tub

Before you put your hot tub into position, ensure you are happy with all initial preparation requirements. Remember that once the tub gets installed, it will be impossible to move it again without draining it.

Orient your tub appropriately and ensure the entry ladder is conveniently placed away from obstacles. In addition, position your hot tub so that the user has quick access to control panels and allows enough clearance to remove the cover easily and quickly.

Add precautions such as alarms and locking covers if you have kids according to hot tub safety guidelines.

Assemble the Hot Tub

The assembling instructions for all hot tubs are in the user manual included in purchases of hot tubs. Be sure to read the manual entirely before you start the step-by-step assembling procedure. This prevents any unforeseen damage. Depending on the system’s complexity, you might need to hire an electrician to help you connect your hub to the power source and other assembling procedures.

Fill It Up!

Once your hot tub is set up and wired correctly per the manufacturer’s instructions, it is ready for use. Start by turning off the power supply at the circuit breaker, ensuring the filters are well placed and the drain valve is closed.

Before you start filling, clean the tub by wiping the interior with a mild and non-foaming cleaner. Then, use a hose pipe to fill your tub with cold and clean water up to the fill line.

Significantly inspect the tub for leaks, paying attention to the fitting behind the equipment door. If necessary, tighten the fittings.

Once everything works fine, restore the power supply, add water treatment chemicals, and set controls. You can now settle in and enjoy it after the water is hot.

Get a Luxurious Hot Tub and Installation Services

Hot tubs benefit you beyond the feel-good experience. It can help heal some conditions while keeping you refreshed mentally and physically. We’re your ultimate solution if you want to install it in your home or you’ve got a new project. At Ajax Pool and Spa, Inc., we are the best bathtub dealers, offering exceptional pool and spa maintenance services to ensure maximum relaxation. Contact us to learn more about our bathtubs and Jacuzzis.