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Ajax Pool & Spa offers a pool and spa maintenance service.  Weekly Service is highly recommended for spas that are in use.  Spas that are not in use and turned down below 90 degrees can be serviced every other week.  We strongly recommend that our Bi-Weekly Customers maintain a temperature of 80 degrees.  This maintains the sanitizer for longer periods of time.  We will do a drain & clean on the spa every six months.

Chemicals are formulated to be added weekly.  Chemicals will normally last a maximum of 10 days in water that is 95-104 degrees.  Considering this fact, water clarity cannot be guaranteed after one week.  We request advanced arrival notification if you are scheduled for service every other week.  We are happy to provide weekly service during your stay.

Pricing Detail 

  • Weekly Service                         $35.00 per visit
  • Service Every other Week         $40.00 per visit
  • Drain & Clean                           $180.00 (Mandatory every six months)
  • Swim Spa Service                     $45.00 per visit
  • Pool & Spa Service (Hourly)      $80.00 per hour
  • Winterize Spa                           $450.00 plus materials
  • Winterize Pool (Hourly)             $100.00 per hour plus material


We do not recommend monthly service due to the fact water is unsanitary after 10 days and algae may begin to form.

We will not winterize pools or spas after November 1st.  Start-ups will not be performed between Nov 1st and May 1st.   Please note we do not recommend winterizing spas.  In our experience, acrylic spas develop cracks, blistering, leaks and a host of expensive repairs.  Pools above 7000ft should not be winterized.  In the harsh climate plaster will begin to crack and peel off.  Severe staining due to leaves and water with high mineral content has also been observed.  These repairs are very costly and time consuming.  Plaster work does go into the range of $10,000 in the course of one winter.

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