How to Clean a Jacuzzi Hot Tub Like a Pro

Sinking into the warm water of a hot tub is like immersing yourself completely in a no-stress zone. The gentle movement of the water relaxes stressed muscles. The water itself is like a cocoon for a tired body. But then you happen to open your eyes and you see it. The leaves that are sticking to the bottom of the hot tub. The fly that dive-bombed into the water and didn’t survive. And ouch – is that rock under your toe?

Don’t let a dirty hot tub ruin your relaxation time. Go ahead and clean it like a pro.

How Do Hot Tubs Get Dirty?

Hot tubs get dirty simply because people use them. Bodies immersed in tubs will send sweat, dirt, grime, lotions, oils, and even bodily fluids into the water. The warm water also encourages the pores to open and that can add additional bacteria to the mix.
A tub located outside is subjected to natural forces that can make it dirty. Things like leaves, sand, petals and bugs can be carried in by the wind, kicked in from the deck, or catch a ride into the water on a hot tub user.

There is also a chance that someone will spill food or a drink right into the hot tub.

Chemical treatments with and without chlorine are readily available to eliminate bacteria and break down contaminants that cause dirty or murky water. These treatments should be used regularly according to the manufacturer’s directions to keep the water clean and clear. Sometimes it is necessary to “shock” a tub with a special mix of chemicals or other compounds to clear murky or contaminated water and get rid of that layer of sunscreen floating on top.

Every owner should have a spa vacuum nearby to retrieve foreign objects. Spa vacuums will suck up those leaves and the layer of sand. In a pinch, your childhood Silly Putty can help get unwanted things out of the tub. Silly Putty is waterproof and will stick to whatever you need to fish out.

What Do I Do if Food Drops Into My Hot Tub?

You’re enjoying a lovely afternoon in your tub when suddenly a bowl of potato chips and a plate of burgers flip off the deck and right into the water. What do you do?

Act quickly and use a skimmer to scoop up the food in the water. Do a pH test and then “shock” the water to return it to its pre-salt and ketchup state.

The food that spilled may be too crumbly or too oily to pick up with a skimmer. If that happens you might have to drain the water to get to the pieces of food and clean them all out and then start over with fresh water in the tub.

What Do I Do if I Spill a Drink in a Hot Tub?

Beverages ranging from sodas to liquor drinks can make a mess in a tub. Sugars, starches, dairy products, and even pieces of fruit can spill from a drink that has been dropped in the tub water. Scoop up visible pieces and plan on “shocking” the tub back into pH health.

If the drink that dropped was in glass and there are now pieces of it in the tub, it will be necessary to drain it completely to remove the glass. Tiny shards can be hard to see but can cause serious cuts.

The best beverage to serve at the edge of the tub is clear, cold water in plastic cups.

Hot Tub Maintenance

The key to keeping your tub clean is regular maintenance and to react quickly at the first signs of dirt or debris. The Professional Pool People at Ajax Pool and Spa can perform a schedule of routine hot tub maintenance that keeps your tub and the water sparkling clean. Our experts can also evaluate your spa water, diagnose any issues with it, and offer solutions to make it as clear as can be. Ajax Pool and Spa can also drain and clean your tub, not just after spills, but as part of recommended routine care and cleaning.

Don’t let a dirty hot tub chase you out of the water. Be mindful of the tub’s conditions. Perform routine maintenance. Take extra steps when necessary to treat the water. And count on Ajax Pool and Spa to be your hot tub experts.