Spa Delivery & Purchase F.A.Q.


  • Delivery within the Roaring Fork Valley is included with your spa purchase
  • Outside the RFV- we can determine the distance from the store.  Give us a call for a delivery quote.
  • We are happy to help you with the Homeowner’s Responsibilities by suggesting qualified, licensed Contractors and helping you with the coordination of tasks.  At Ajax Pool &  Spa, Inc. we are not Contractors.  All outside Contractors shall bill the homeowner directly, unless pre-arrangements are made with Ajax Pool & Spa’s Owners.
  • Crane service- Ajax will deliver your spa to the nearest unobstructed place closest to the installation site.  Cranes, dropping in Holes, over fences, eetc. will be billed at actual time spent over 3 people for 1.5 hours at our current rate.  Cranes run $550 – $2000+.

Unwrap Spa and Haul Away Packaging Material

Set Up Spa – (Site should already be close to level)

Inspect & install all extras including Cover lifts, Ozone Systems, Redwood Kits, etc

Perform the Initial Start-up & Orientation after your Electrician is done installation the power.


Provide a suitable, level foundation for your spa.

Cost of Crane Service if Needed.

Travel Time Over 75 Miles from Aspen – $1.50 per mile

Extra Cost of Mover beyond Standard Delivery.

Electrical Hook-up – For 110v or 220v and alterations if required.  (Colorado Licensed Electrician Required $10,000 Fine)

Hiring Outside Contractors – for deck work, landscape, foundation work & materials, electrical work. We can recommend one if you need.

Any Building Permits or Inspections, Surveys, if required.

Extra cost of Labor Time or Materials needed or requested above and beyond the spa purchase.  Assembly of Bar Kits, Stools, Surrounds, Spa Pads, Etc.  (Labor is charged at $100.00 per hour if Ajax assembles or installs).

Balance Due Upon Delivery