Jacuzzi® Collection Videos


Jacuzzi® Collection Videos

There are many different reasons why people need Jacuzzi hot tubs. Others need them to relax after a hard long day’s work, having fun with friends on the weekend or for use during cold winter. However, hot tabs also come with many significant health benefits to improve your physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing. If you are planning to buy your first hot tub or add another one for your home, ensure you consult the right dealers that will provide you with high-quality products at affordable prices.

J-500 Luxury Collection

They combine innovative technology and groundbreaking design, which makes them a suitable luxury hot tub for your backyard. Each model is configured with upgraded RX therapy seats and has up to 50 jets to provide the best hydro massage experience, and can accommodate up to seven people with a capacity of about 440 US gallons of water. It is made of:

  • A revolutionary touch screen control panel to control that allows you to regulate its functions,
  • Smartphone configuration that allows you to control its features from any location,
  • Effective jet technology to enhance the provision of deep tissue massage that suits your needs,
  • Pro Touch glass control panel that gives access to all menus for efficient and easy use of the tub,
  • Curvalux exterior—resistant to harsh weather conditions to keep the tub durable, and
  • Multi-color lighting and dual waterfalls, which combine sight and sound to provide a relaxing environment.

J-400 Designer Collection

The J-400 Designer Collection hot tubs are suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations. They provide a quality hydrotherapy experience and flexible performance. They are reliable for use with family and friends due to their large sitting capacity that can accommodate more than six people each. With a dimension of 193 cm x 168 cm x 81 cm, a water capacity of 1287 liters, a filled weight of 1362 kilograms, and about 35 jets, a J-400 designer collection will give you a whole new experience. Its other unique features include:

  • A high-tech Power Pro RX Jets to provide a wonderful Swedish style of massage,
  • A full-color ProTouch Control to allow you to monitor the status of the hot tub, maintenance schedules, and regulate the temperature and the functions of the jets,
  • ClearRay UV-C Water Treatment System for continuous purification of the tub water,
  • A unique maintenance-free Synthetic Cabinetry,
  • Standard Exterior Status Monitor that enables you to know when to use your Spa, and
  • Configuration of the High-flow and Independent Circulation Pump used for filtering and heating to produce sufficient energy for efficient operation of the tub.

J-LX Energy-Efficient Collection

Just like the name demotes, these are the most energy-efficient hot tubs you can consider for your home. One can comfortably carry six or seven people without increasing energy costs. It has a dimension of 84 in x 84 in x 36 in / 214 cm x 214 cm x 92 cm and weighs 2289 kilograms with an average Spa volume of 390 US gallons. Some of its special features include:

  • Filtered LED lighting that adds color and provides soft luminosity,
  • Properly designed Deep Tissue FX Foot Jets, bold knot-releasing jets, and targeted pressure point jets across all models to relax your back, calves, and neck,
  • The underwater diverter to allow easier control of the flow of jets,
  • Multi-tier and comfortable cold-down seats for safe and more accessible entry and exit, and
  • LED-lit waterfall and pillows to enhance relaxation.

J-300 Comfort Collection

These are the best, especially if you want to have fun with friends or family members. They have portable Spas and can carry more than six people, with each having a water capacity of 360 gallons and a filled weight of 4507 lbs. It has the following unique features:

  • Properly designed PowerPro therapy seats and hydrosoothe massage pillow to enhance head to toe massage,
  • LED lighting under and above water to make it more stylish and fun as you can set the ambiance to the occasion,
  • Superior comfort enhanced by ergonomically designed seats and adjustable headrests,
  • CLEARRAY system for water purification, and
  • Push-button Smart Access Door that is easy to remove, making maintenance easy.

J-200 Classic Collection

These are small and simple in design but with desirable qualities captured. Each model can carry four people and has user-friendly controls, advanced filtration, and a CLEARRAY system for water purification. It has a dimension of 91 by 98 centimeters with classic jets to enhance the beautiful hydromassage experience. The tubs feature Standard Control Panels to regulate their function, Multi-colored Lighting to improve ambiance on occasion, and comfortable headrests.