Chemical Alternatives

Here is our “Opinion Corner” about all the Chemical options for your spa.  They can get you confused.  Some people even think there are Diamonds involved!  Remember that Chlorine sanitizes 99.1% of the world’s germs away.  It works very well and is hard to find a replacement.  When used properly, with tools like Ozonation, it is the most economical.  There is no reason to find another product.  Alternatives to Chlorine Sanitation include Bromine, Peroxcide, Baquacil (Hallogen Free), Nature2 (silveroxcide), & Ionization and are available through Ajax Pool & Spa.

Chlorine tablets with Ozone System vs. Salt Generator System (Salt is not an alternative to Chlorine as it actually generates Chlorine.)First let me explain that I’ve been testing pool and spa water and teaching water balance chemistry for over 4 decades.  I’ve heard many pitches over the years and many systems seem to come around again years later, even after they’ve been dismissed.  My true test is putting the product into use.  My company manages over 300 spas on our routes here in the Aspen Valley and our skiers, tourist and local families know how to put their Jacuzzis to real the test.

  1.  Ozone:  Fact – both systems are used with Chlorine or Bromine.  With this system you buy the product in small tablet form and bring it home to put in a feeder.  This process is very easy to use.  The tablets are formulated to dissolve in one week.  We determine by testing how much Chlorine is needed and add for the entire week.  Additionally, Jacuzzi builds a 3-step process to use fewer chemicals and it has been proven to us over the last decade.  1. The Patented ProClear Skimmer with High-flow ProStream circulation system which cycles 35-gallons of water per minute (Rated the best in the industry), 2.  ProClear II Filter Cartridge that is embedded with Microban Technology and the ProCatch polishing bag on J-400 Models which removes sand and particles from the bottom of the spa during jet pump operation and filters the water down to 2 microns.  3.  The ProClear Ozonator utilizing corona discharge technology to produce three times the purifying ozone concentration level of standard systems.  With this system we can dial the Chlorine from 3.0 down to 0.5 ppm.  Very low!  You Test and balance Chlorine, PH and Alkalinity.  No Shocking.


  1. Salt:  In this type of system you actually generate/create Chlorine in your spa by electrolysis.  You have to be able to dial in your amount of use, temperature and salt.  This system requires the homeowner to have a “saltwater” spa.  The salt must be properly maintained or it will corrode the heater and seals in the pumps.  The downfall for spas is that this system does not break down organic waste contaminants which cause odor.  So, you have to add Chlorine or some other shocking product like MPS every week if you are using your spa daily.   Maybe every two weeks if you are using your spa 2-3 times per week.  You also have to monitor your water hardness.  Some spa brands promoting salt require you to purchase a calcium remover type cartridge that can add another $160 to your annual spa maintenance cost and another step to water treatment.  You must clean the titanium plates typically 3-4 times per year by soaking them in a solution for 30 minutes.  These plates have a lifetime of about 10,000 hours or less, so some units don’t last more than one to two years.   You Test and balance Salt, PH, Alkalinity, Chlorine, and combined Chlorine.  Now you have two more products you would normally not use with just Chlorine tablets, salt (about 4 cups at startup) and electrode cleaner.  You also have to manually add shock treatment or buy an Ozone System!  One benefit from the salt is the soft feeling it gives your skin.  We add a product called “Spa So Soft”.  The Ladies love it and it’s variety of smells to choose from.  ;D  Call me if you have any more questions.  Jacuzzi Julie 970-279-5253.