Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs

“The name that established itself as both inventor and innovator. The name that started it all. Jacuzzi®”

History of Jacuzzi

Since 1915, Jacuzzi has been providing spas under their family name. The history of the organization has been one filled with determined, hard working people. The founders were seeking to build a business to support their large family of seven brothers and six sisters. The company has endured through two world wars and emigration. In the 1920s, the Jacuzzi brother left Italy for a new life in California. They first used their engineering skills in the aviation industry. As their interest in hydraulics and thermodynamics of fluids grew, they shifted their focus to agriculture. Their work led to advancements in agricultural pumps.

Kenneth Jacuzzi developed rheumatic fever in 1943. This led to juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. Part of his treatment included monthly hydrotherapy sessions. This led the youngest brother, Candido Jacuzzi, to develop a hydrotherapy pump so that he could continue sessions at home. This grew into a small business with the brothers selling pumps to hospitals and schools. Eventually, the pump was redesigned to use a mix of half water and half air with special jets.

The company moved forward in the 1970s led by a third generation. Roy Jacuzzi created larger units and added heating and filtration. This allowed more people to get in the tub. Thus, the first hot tub was created. Today, the company continues to innovate with new engineering concepts and technology. This continued push for improvements allows the family to create products that meet the diverse needs of their customers. Through their 50 years of innovation, they have secured over 250 worldwide patents for pump systems, air control and jet systems.

About the Jacuzzi® Brand- Innovation for over 50 Years

Jacuzzi® is the name that defines the hot tub experience. Social and private, fun and relaxing, Jacuzzi® completely satisfies and leaves you wanting more. Known for innovation, Jacuzzi® is the company that started the modern hot tub industry.

For over fifty years and a name, the name, that defines a combination of ideas and Innovative technologies. The name that defines the experience, social and private, fun and relaxing, that will both completely satisfy you and leave you wanting more. The name that established itself as both inventor and innovator of modern day hot tubs and whirlpool baths. The name that started it all. Jacuzzi®.

Once you experience Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs and Whirlpool brand of hydrotherapy, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it. When you slip into the hot massaging waters, your muscles will relax, and your mind will clear. Jacuzzi®, truly water that moves you.

Jacuzzi Selling Points
When you are considering a Jacuzzi, there are several things to think about to get the best hot tub for you and your family.

  • Jets & Massage: Consider jets that work the legs and neck, not just back jets. Jacuzzi jets are adjustable for the perfect experience.
  • Quality Materials: Look for an acrylic shell that is scratch resistant.
  • Water Management: Choose a hot tub that has several layers of filtration to keep the water clean. Jacuzzi’s CLEARRAY system is designed to perform well and be easy to use.
  • Portable or In-ground: Will you want to put the hot tub on a deck or have the ability to move it? A portable hot tub will fill the bill. In-ground hot tubs blend into the landscaping.
  • Dimensions and Seating: Decide how large you would like the hot tub to be. This will include deciding on the number of seats that are needed. There are a number of seating options to explore including therapy seats, love seats and cool down seats.
  • Covers: Keep debris out of the water with a cover. It also provides a measure of safety when the hot tub is not being used.
  • Entertainment: Today’s hot tubs have a variety of entertainment options. Jacuzzi offers BLUEWAVE technology that allows music to be played wirelessly up to 30 feet away. Lights, temperature and jets can also be controlled with the ProLink app.

Warranty Info

Jacuzzi provides warranties for every model produced. This covers every aspect of the unit. A typical warranty covers the shell for ten years. All equipment, controls and plumbing are covered for five years. The cabinet is covered for five years. Other components for lights and entertainment also covered.

At Ajax Pool and Spa, we’re here to help you with all of your Jacuzzi needs. Through the site, you can explore the range of Jacuzzi models that we carry. When you’re ready, give us a call to schedule a demo. Experience the benefits of Jacuzzi technology today!

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