What Maintenance Does a Hot Tub Need?

Your hot tub is a significant investment that you can enjoy for many years. It’s an incredible addition to your home. It’s fun and relaxing and comes with many health benefits. You should do regular hot tub maintenance practices to keep it running smoothly and extend its lifetime.


If you’re wondering, “what maintenance does a hot tub need?” A hot tub is less work than you may think. A hot tub must be drained and cleaned at least every three months. The only thing needed is the right tools and a firm schedule to make it easier to maintain your hot tub.


Do you have a hot tub? Is the new terminology, science, and proper hot tub maintenance concepts overwhelming you? Keep reading to learn more about the maintenance practices a hot tub needs.


Why Your Hot Tub Needs Regular Maintenance 

If you maintain your hot tub well, not only are you protecting yourself from harmful bacteria and germs, but you’re also extending its lifetime. Furthermore, it reduces future repairs to your hot tub as it ages. 


When bacteria build up in your tub or pollutants enter your water, it appears cloudy or foamy. However, developing an easy-to-follow routine for hot tub maintenance keeps the water clean and clear and makes the system operate perfectly. 


The Basics of Hot Tub Maintenance (The Three Cs) 

Your hot tub maintenance needs three concepts to ensure that its environment is sanitary and healthy. Also known as the Three Cs, they include circulation, cleaning, and chemistry.


  • Circulation 

Your hot tub is prone to dirt, lotions, body oils, and other forms of debris. Good circulation can filter and remove these elements while keeping your water clean. 


Your hot tub needs good water circulation to keep it clear of pollutants. Therefore, you should continually run the water through its cartridge filters to ensure your hot tub lasts long. 


Circulation can either be automatic or manual. But that depends on the model of your hot tub. 


  • Cleaning 

A consistent and routine cleaning schedule is vital to hot tub maintenance. Whether indoors or outdoors, your hot tub can collect scum and dirt, including leaves, insects, and debris.


It would be best to regularly clean out build-up on the cover and shell of your hot tub with a sponge and vinegar. Also, wipe down dirt cropping up at the waterline to keep the shell of your hot tub pristine. 


  • Chemistry 

Your hot tub needs well-balanced water chemistry. Even though there are several chemicals that you can use to keep the water in good condition, you should be aware of the following:


  • The pH of the water: Hot tub water should not be too acidic to avoid corrosion in the tub. Also, it shouldn’t be simple since it can lead to undesirable scaling. The pH level of your water should range between 7.2 – 7.5.
  • Its alkalinity: Excessive alkalinity in your hot tub water can be due to bacteria, many chemicals, body oils, et cetera, which affect the pH. Alkalinity should range from 80 – 120 ppm.
  • Sanitizer: We all know that still water is prone to contamination. However, sanitizers such as chlorine can keep your water fresh and clean by preventing algae and bacterial build-up.


What are the Routine Hot Tub Maintenance Practices? 

Maintaining your hot tub involves different aspects. These are routine hot tub maintenance practices that can enable you to unwind and relax in hot water after a long day:


The Right Cover 

To reduce unnecessary damage and make your hot tub last longer, you need a cover to protect it from weather elements. The most appropriate cover for your hot tub depends on your region’s climate. For instance, if you live in areas that experience snowy and cold temperatures, the cover should have a peak top. It’ll allow the snow and rain to drain off quickly. 


Also, you should regularly clean your hot tub cover by rinsing it off and washing it gently with a cleanser.


Ensure the cover is always on when you’re not using your hot tub. It reduces your system’s task of reheating and cleaning water from pollutants and saves energy. 


Clean Your Hot Tub’s Filters and Jets 

The filters on your hot tub perform an essential task. They ensure that dirt, bacteria, and other contaminants don’t enter your water. 


You should rinse the filter every 1 – 2 weeks and soak it in a filter cleaner after every few months to clear off the grime that might be scaling on the hot tub. 


Your hot tub filter can last up to two years, depending on the quality and how frequently you use your hot tub. Therefore, you should regularly inspect your filter to check for damage. When it shows signs of wear, you need to do a replacement immediately. 


You must also check and clean your hot tub jets to prevent them from blocking and clogging.


Change The Water in Your Hot Tub Regularly 

Another important aspect of hot tub maintenance is changing the water. How often you change your water depends on your system type. 


For instance, if you have a saltwater system, you must change the water at least once a year. On the other hand, you should change the water in a chlorine system every 3 – 4 months. 


Deep Clean the Shell of Your Hot Tub

You should drain the water out of the shell of your hot tub before cleaning. Use a soft cloth to gently clean its surface to avoid damaging the shell’s protective coat. 


Let the shell dry up before refilling it with water. After refilling, you should use the pH and alkalinity balancers to bring it into perfect range. 


Also, remember to clean the plumbing materials to prevent bacterial build-up in the pipes. A clean system can keep your hot tub running smoothly for a long time. 


Make the Best of Your Hot Tub with Ajax Pool & Spa 

A hot tub provides a great, relaxing environment and outstanding health benefits. Therefore, it’s essential to keep it in its best condition. You must adhere to an excellent hot tub maintenance schedule if you want it to last long. 


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