5 Important Things to Know When Buying a Hot Tub

If you are thinking about purchasing a hot tub in the near future, then this is something that you need to think about carefully. A quick search on the Internet is going to review countless options for your hot tub. How can you make sure that you find the right one to meet your needs? There are a few important things that you should keep in mind. Take a look at some of the helpful information below!

5 Important Things to Know When Buying a Hot Tub

1. The Lifespan of the Hot Tub
First, do some research on whatever brands you are considering. Even though it is helpful to take a look at the sticker price, you also need to think about how long your hot tub is going to last. For example, if you go with a super cheap unit, it may end up burning out a few years after you purchase it. Then, you will simply be back in the same position, looking for another unit. If you want to save money, you need to find a unit that is going to last as long as possible. Take a look at how long each unit lasts before you make a decision. 

2. Consider the Maintenance Expenses Associated with the Hot Tub
The sticker price is not the only thing you need to think about if you are looking for a tub. You also need to think about the maintenance expenses. For example, you are going to have to drain and clean the unit every 3-6 months. Think about how much money you have to spend on the water when you do so. Ajax offers this service. You should also think about how much money it is going to cost to operate the hot tub. Some tubs are simply more efficient than others. You want to find a unit that is going to use your electricity in an efficient manner. Finally, you also need to think about the chemicals and filters that you are going to use to keep the unit clean. These products can get expensive if you purchase a spa with 5 filters instead of 2.

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3. Where Will You Put the Hot Tub?
If you simply thought you were going to place your tub in your backyard, think again. You need to make sure that you have a strong foundation that can support it. Hot tubs do not come with their own foundation. Most spa warranties require a foundation. The spa may require you to beef up a deck for weight or extend a patio to host the unit. If you do not have a safe, strong location to support your tub it will sit uneven and cause damage to the spa.

4. The Size of the Hot Tub
Of course, you also need to think about how large the hot tub is. There are some tubs that are so small that even four people might feel a little bit cramped. On the other hand, there are hot tubs that are large enough to seat more than a dozen people comfortably. Of course, the larger the unit is, the more expensive it is going to be and the more money you are going to spend maintaining it. How big of a jacuzzi do you need? Hot tall or short are the people, will they fit right? The average family size spa is 84” x 84”. How many people are going to be using it on a regular basis? Think about this before you decide on which you are going to purchase.  Usually a lounge can take up to 1/3 of the spa.

5. The Added Features
Finally, a lot of hot tubs are also going to come with state-of-the-art advanced features. Are there extra accessories that you would like to see accompany your unit? For example, you might be looking for a hot tub that has a specific type of jet. Or you might be looking for hot tubs that come with speakers, WiFi, Spa monitor system, or fancy fiber optic lighting. Think about whether these features are important to you. That way, you can find the best unit possible to meet your needs. You might also be able to upgrade your unit at a later date if you desire, say from an Ozone System to a UVC Sterlizer System. 

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In the end, you should not look at a hot tub as a toy. Instead, you should look at it as an investment. That way, you will review all of the options at your disposal and find the best hot tub to meet your needs. If you have more questions on whether a hot tub will work in your home, or what the ideal location would be, please contact us today to speak with a member of our staff. We are also able to visit your home for a Site Inspection to work through your installation and hot tub choices.