When to Replace a Pool Filter System?

Pool Filter System

Your swimming pool filter is important because it removes debris and leaves clean water. That’s why it’s important that the pool filter is operating correctly. When it is functioning at peak performance, the water is cleaner and safer. That leads to the question of when is it time to replace a pool filter system? Normally, you have the same filter for life. However, if it gets damaged, there are several things to look for. 

Indications When to Replace Pool Filter System

While we would like you to spend more time enjoying your pool than caring for it, there are several things to look for that are signals that your pool filter system may need to be replaced. The easiest is visually looking for changes in water quality and color. If the water contains debris or becomes murky or changes color, this is a strong sign that the pool filter needs to be changed. Other signs are that your pool needs more frequent cleaning, and the pool filter system is running longer than normal. 

Another sign that there may be a problem is when it becomes more difficult to maintain the pH balance of the water. Also, be alert if the pool skimmer suction doesn’t seem to be operating at capacity. If the pool filter starts clogging frequently during vacuuming, it’s another signal to get it checked out. 

Lastly, pool filter cartridges are not meant to last forever. It varies with style and type of filter so understand the approximate date to expect to change the pool filter system. For filter cartridges, it’s also good to check for any tears. This can mean that it will need to be replaced.

Checking the Pool Filter System

When to replace the pool filter system will depend on its condition. You can visually check to see if there is any damage or clogging. How to check the filter depends on its type: sand, D.E. filter grids, or cartridge. 

Sand Filters

These are actually the most difficult to inspect. Sand filters should be inspected annually and require special tools and knowledge. Sand should also be changed every three years minimum. The best thing to do is call us at Ajax Pool & Spa. Our professionals can quickly assess the filter condition and let you know if it is the filter that is causing the water quality issues. 

D.E. Filter Grids

In order to check the condition of filter grids, the system must be off. When you pull out the grid, look for any damage or wear on the fabric. These are known to be the longest-lasting filters, so the grid simply may need to be cleaned. 

Cartridge Filters

For pool owners, these are the easiest to check. With the cartridge out, check for any signs of damage or wear. This can include fraying fabric or cracked end caps. Next check the filter pleats. They should not be flattening or have any tears. If they do, the filter needs to be changed

The Lifespan of Pool Filters

Every eight hours, a pool filter pumps 60-70,000 gallons of water. Due to this level of active function, over time, the pool filter system becomes dirty and less effective. Each filter type has a different expected time of effectiveness. Maintaining the pool consistently can lengthen the lifespan of the filter system. So, when to replace pool filter system? These are approximate time lengths based on filter type. 

  • Glass filter media can last about 7-15 years.
  • Sand filters remain effective for three to seven years.
  • Filter cartridges are good for about two to four years. 

We’re Here to Help!

At Ajax Pool & Spa, our team is ready to help you when you suspect that your pool filter system may need to be changed. If you are unsure when to replace pool filter system, our team can check it out for you and make the best recommendations to improve your pool’s condition. Located in Aspen, Colorado area for the past 20 years, Ajax Pool & Spa provides the services to repair and maintenance your pool whether in a residential or commercial location.

We understand that sometimes your pool conditions are not optimal. That’s no problem. At Ajax Pool & Spa, our team is committed to maintaining your pool or spa. If you think that your pool filter may need changing, give us a call!