How to Clean A Hot Tub Filter

Hot tubs, and hot tub filters, just like other household appliances need to be cleaned regularly to keep them running properly and to keep you and your guests healthy. Think of a hot tub filter like the filter in your dryer, furnace, or water filter. The lint and other particles that collect in the filter require regular cleaning. Even though it might seem unnecessary to clean a tub filled with water and chemicals if you haven’t kept it cleaned there are probably unhealthy contaminants, bacteria, and other debris floating around in the water. Do you want to soak in dirty water? The answer is probably, “no,” so keeping your hot tub clean is critical. This starts with cleaning a hot tub filter and the more you clean it, the better it can do its job. Here are some tips from industry experts.

Steps to Take

Clean Filters Regularly: Hot tub filters should be removed monthly and using a garden hose rinsed thoroughly with clean water. You may need to clean it weekly with heavy bather loads or commercial applications. If the filter is greasy, spray it using a chemical made specifically for hot tub filters. Always read the labels for proper application. Every three to four months, the water should be changed in the hot tub, the perfect time to soak the filter in a chemical solution made specifically for filters. Never use bleach, dishwater detergent, or other household cleaners. 

What is Needed to Clean Your Filter: Before you begin, gather items needed to clean your hot tub filter. You will need a garden hose hooked up to water, a tall clean bucket, cleaner product, and a towel. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. 

Parts of a Hot Tub Filter: There are usually three parts of a hot tub filter that include:
Media: The media does the actual filtering and is typically made of pleated paper that extends from one end of the piece to the other. If the medial is ceramic is also pleated but is more rigid. 

Core: The core is inside the filter and is usually rigid giving it structure. It is made of plastic and molded into a cylinder where algae and mold will grow, so the core requires regular cleaning. It can be washed in a dishwasher without other dishes and without detergents. Do not use the heated drying cycle.

End Caps: The end caps are usually made of two plastic discs on either end of the filter that keeps the core and media in place. Debris and algae grow in the end caps and require regular cleaning.

Alternative Cleaning Tips: There are some household products you can consider using to clean a hot tub filter:

hot tub filter cleaning

Vinegar: White vinegar is not only very effective in removing mineral scale and other deposits, but it also does not foam the water and is safe if any residue remains in the filter. Vinegar is not as strong or effective as products created specifically for hot tubs.

Laundry Detergent: Laundry detergent is effective for cleaning paper filters without wearing down the fibers. If it is not totally rinsed, it may create foam buildup.

Dishwasher Detergent: Dishwasher detergent will clean tougher oil build-up in filters, but may create foaming if it is not rinsed completely. It is also safe for the skin.

Bleach: Dilute bleach with water as a cleaning alternative. Bleach also sterilizes if it hasn’t been cleaned in a while. Bleach can damage the filter’s fibers, which may require a replacement.

How Often Should You Clean Your Filter

One per Month, or weekly with a heavy bather load. A hot tub filter’s job is to filter dirty water before it passes through the pump, then through the heater before it is pumped back out into the water through the jets. This circulation provides clean and warm water in your hot tub.  Keeping your hot tub cleaned properly begins with the filter. There are handbooks and manuals to help you with step-by-step guidance and how often you should clean your filter.

Get Professional Help with Your Hot Tub

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