How Much Does It Cost to Run a 220v Hot Tub?

A type of a 220v hot tub

The moment you begin thinking about buying a hot tub, the inevitable question of hidden costs is sure to come up. How much does it cost to run a 220v hot tub? It’s a question worth asking so you know what the monthly costs are going to be.

We’ll go over all of the questions you have regarding costs so you know what your true investment will be.

Establishing a 220v Outlet

Your hot tub will need to have power running to it. You’ll need a 220v outlet, which means reaching out to an electrician. How much will it cost to run a 220v outlet to my hot tub? Well, that depends on a few things.

Things that will affect the cost include the size of your tub as well as the proximity of the tub to the main electric panel. If there’s any complexity involved, it can take longer – and that can raise the costs significantly, too.

The average cost for establishing a 220v outlet so that you can start enjoying your hot tub will run between $900 and $1500. This is based on the assumption that you don’t already have existing wiring for a hot tub or a conduit in the near vicinity.

To ensure you get the best cost quoted to you, choose your location wisely. The further you place your hot tub from the main electrical panel, the more expensive it’s going to be. Additionally, consider digging the trench for the wires and such (if required) on your own or with the help of a landscaper. If you expect the electrician to do it, the cost will be higher.

The Costs of Running a Hot Tub

When everything is installed, there are going to be a few different things to consider in terms of the costs to keep your hot tub running.

What is your unit price per kilowatt hour?

What temperature will you set in your hot tub?

How often is the hot tub used?

Many of the newer hot tubs on the market are energy efficient. This means that they don’t cost as much to run, so it will be less than $1 per day.

On average, you could be spending between $20 and $60 a month to operate a hot tub. The more energy-efficient models will be on the lower end while older hot tubs and those who keep the heat going 24/7 will be on the higher end.

The average hot tub is going to use approximately 7.5 kW per hour. If you’re going to use your hot tub 30 hours a month, you would calculate 7.5 x 30 = 225. Then, look at your utility bill for what you pay per kW. In Colorado, the average is $0.12. That means your hot tub would cost around $27 per month.

How You Can Save Money?

If you’re concerned about the costs of a hot tub, there are ways that you can drop the costs. After all, owning a hot tub means more than the hot tub and the electric bill. You’ll also have the cost of chemicals and maintenance to consider.

Poorly maintained hot tubs take longer to heat up and work harder to maintain the temperature. As such, you’ll want to have professional inspections once a year to identify if any repairs are needed.

You can also heat your hot tube during off-peak utility hours. If you have a circuit timer on your hot tub’s thermostat, be sure you’re taking full advantage of it.

A cover can also help you save money. It will help you to trap in the heat and ensure that your water and chemicals aren’t evaporating all day every day.

Final Considerations

When you consider all of the benefits that you get out of hot tub ownership, the small cost added to your electric bill is not much. And, if you have solar panels in place, you might not notice any increase in utility costs.

At Ajax Pool & Spa, we can ensure that your hot tub works in your space, complete with custom installs. Even once you have your hot tub up and running, you can count on us for everything from cleaning to maintenance to repairs.